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Single Mom and Pregnant need Housing ASAP

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Im a single mother of one and pregnant about to give berth in 2 weeks I been looking for a cheep place to live but no luck I have intill the end of March intill I hav to move out im living with my mother who's has a drug addition and has been hard living around her I take verbal mental abuse from her and she neglects my lil girl its been getting worse living with her it got so bad she attack me and I had to call the cops and that's when she told me I had to move out buy the end of March im so heart that my own mother can help me or cares that I hav no where els to go I tried to hav a better relationship but she doesn't seen to care if enyone out there can help me please rite back I live in reseda CA thank you and God bless
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I am a mom of a fifteen month old daughter. I live with her father. He wanted me to be a stay at home mom so I did it. I have no income of own. The relationship is terrible and every day I am told to get out. I called a homelss shelter. I just can't let my daughter sleep on a mat on the floor.. I can't get out of here because I don't qualify for anything because his income is too high. When thw weather get better I will prob live in my car. I am desperate . Any advice
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Hi I'm an 25 single mother of two a 2yr boy and 3yr girl, Im in need of any house help I live in Sayreville NJ Not working unemployed, I just get TANF, which only 424 month, Social Service will not help me with housing, I don't have no we're to go, I want to relocate to Colorado I have an sister out there but can't offered it, I really just need an place to stay with my kids, if anyone from NJ that can help me with any type of info on housing or anything plz contact Im struggling plz, email Thank You God Bless Everyone On Here Who Also In Need
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Hello I'm entering my 6th month of pregnancy & I'm homeless I would love to find a semi-permanent place to stay until after I have the baby & can get back on my feet. The father is currently incarcerated but will be entering work release soon & than will be released in October. Please I've had to stay places where people have taken advantage of me & it's been difficult getting a bed at a shelter due to the temperature and the winter contingency program. Please if you can offer any assistance call me @ (317)828-0083 thank-you. I'm going to try my luck with the Indianapolis Housing Authority today 1/31/2013 and apply for subsidized housing, please keep me in your prayers let's hope this works! I also have my bachelors degree and have substantial office experience and would be willing to work for room and board or begin a payment plan after I have the baby & can find & start work. I get food stamps I can help with groceries and can take medi-cabs to my Dr. appointments, and would also be willing to pet sit or clean, whatever your needs if I can only have a safe place to stay until the babies here & I can get back on my feet. The # listed is my cell so I can be contacted @ anytime.

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annie46   in reply to Jessicam
Hi Jessicam so sorry things are so difficult for you just now, if you wish to share city and state you are in I may have an option for you I will look for the person for you to contact. but you definately need to post to generations on here,aidpage she does check in, I am not sure if you are close to her org. or not Blessings annie46
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linda641   in reply to Jessicam
where are you located
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I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and I have no one. I don't want to get a abortion because I was having trouble trying to conceive in my last marriage. My father was murdered and my mom dosnt care about me. I've lived on my own since I was 17 and always had a job. I got married and now were divorced and I have nothing. I'm currently sleeping in my car but now it's hard because the tempatures been about 20 degrees at night and my car is breaking down now. I have no money and just need some guidance if you have any! God bless n to every one else in my situation keep your head up! Troubles can't last forever!
24 years old from California
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linda641   in reply to Yasmin0421
what state are you living
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Hello I'm a single mom of four in desperate need of advice I'm currently unemployed in school. I've been looking for a job and haven't had any luck and I'm about to be homeless. I'm currently living with my boyfreind who is just evil n verbally abusive to me and my kids.. I am completely at a breaking point I've done everything I could to make a living for me and my children . I have no help my childs father passed away in a terrible motorcycle accident . What I get from social sec is nothing due to him not paying enough taxes in his life . I really need to get out of my boyfreind parents house emergency because my boyfreind is on steroids and I feel he's a walking bomb and I can't take his abuse anymore . Any advice would be greatly apreciated..
Thanks god bless
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yea join the club I have two kids and expecting my 3rd and no where to go when I give birth and these stupid web sites need money just to view your damn application!!! did I mention Im going to school and it seems that no one wants to help a desperate mother who at least is going to school to better her life, I havent worked in 3 months and theirs no point in finding one now im pregnant no one will hire me!!! this stinks and I feel helpless....
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f8th4me   in reply to poorsoul19
So very sorry, we are in Pennsylvania, where are you now? Has your situation changed?
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kjb123   in reply to mamaw7
i am located in colorado
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kjb123   in reply to mamaw7
im am in colorado
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mamaw7   in reply to kjb123
where are you located
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i am currently 9 months pregnant due at any second and me and my husband just got into a hudge fight he has kicked my out and i have no where to go i have no job or anyone i know here where i live im not even from this state someone please help me.
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I am 19 years old and me and my partner have just found out we will be having a child my mom was ok with it at the beginning then she switched her sides and tells me I have to leave ; his mom doesnt want me to settle at her home with a child either ; we are both working and looking for an apartment but its so hard ; we never make the requirments which fustrates me because i just want the best for my baby ; i have decided not to drop out of college yet what will i do when i end up going basically homeless ! I need help ); we live in new york city which makes it even harder since this city is so overcrowded ! I wish god could send us an angel so we can welcome our child into a comfortable and safe place and where we are able to maintain ourselves ! This life situation is eating me up alive !
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jeffdean   in reply to jodz
where u live
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brite eyes   in reply to tonyaR1825
Where are you located? Do you still need help? I live in Knoxville Tennessee. Here's my number 865-919-3601. We are grandparents so we are not looking to take your baby just willing to help!! God Bless!!!
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ProtectiveMother_2012   in reply to Dee061
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hello am 27 ys old with 2yrs old baby and,i need help and accomodation i live in italy but my dream is not here i need some one to accomodate me and my baby am desperately looking for help am homeless i can't explain my self now but i will do it leter i have much to say please help me.
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