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Single Mom and Pregnant need Housing ASAP

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 in response to Indy Rooms...   he Domestic Violence Unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is aware of The Family Place and their ability to respond quickly - should we need them - I think you need them Funny now your posts are showing again . but dont you notice the HUGE differance in what you post here from what is posted on both those pages ??? here you tell girls its FREE , on the websites its not , and they must get a job according to your sites . whatever ' i'm done . I know your a scammer and GOD ONLY KNOWS what you do to these poor women once they do show up to wherever you really are, I done my part , hopefully people dont fall for bait and hook .
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Looking for a live-in single, trustworthy female to help get a house organized do some basic cleaning and help with some internet projects.

We have a large house on the South Side of Indianapolis with several roommates and we now have space for 1 or 2 more.

If you are good with computers, cameras and Internet applications then that would be a huge help, if not then I will teach you.

The house is currently being shared with 3 females and 2 males that all have full time employment and 2 work from the home.

You need to be very honest, clean, over 18, outgoing and be willing to share the house with several awesome roommates.

Unemployed or divorced female would all be perfect just as long as you are physical able and have the time to complete projects.

This is a great chance for a single female to have a free place to stay, an online business selling legal products from home for some income.

Ideal would be an energetic female that is does not need much to live on and just needs a place to live in a nice safe environment.

As stated above, this is for a place to sleep and chill, nothing more and anyone wanting to trade for services will be automatically eliminated.

Don't worry about transportation as I can drive you where you want to go within reason.

Serious inquires only so if you are interested and want more details then look at for more information.

Thank you for your time and hope to work with you soon.
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when your husband you shall call 911, from there you will get help like 1800 621 hope etc...
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 in response to dan0809...   You poor thing. What city do you live in and where are your kids? I live in New York. I will try and help some how, if only to pray for you.
Be strong and brave
God Bless you and your children
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 in response to jasazael...   I live in GA. and would like assistance also.. if possible
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 in response to hopefull mom...   Hi there,

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. WHere do you live? I
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Im a single mom and currently reside in New Jersey. I have 5 kids and just recently got put out of my fiance's mom's house due to behavior displayed by my 12 year old daughter. I do have unemployment and Im willing to help pay for rent or a room or anything until I can get up on my feet. I'm willing to go into details of the situation for people who are trying to help. Thanks
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 in response to 3KINGS...   Hi, 3KINGS
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Looks like we're in the same boat just about. I to live in Chicago, well the south burbs, same difference though:) I've been searching high and low for some help for me and my son. Unfortunately, I haven't found any resources willing to assist. I will keep you in my mind and if I come across anything that looks promising I will let you know....
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Hello All ~ I would like to start off by saying that reading some of the stories on the forum brought tears to my eyes. I've been feeling like I'm so alone in the struggles I've been having and that no one understands. I've just been worried more than most can imagine, it's getting to the point that I just don't know what to do.

I'm 34yr old single mother of a 13yr old son. I live in the Southern Suburbs of Chicago. I've always worked most of my adult life, working well paying jobs until the recent turn of the economy. I've been unemployed for basically 3yrs now. Except for a job I started last year in August but was let go in November when the company decided to downsize. I was not employed long enough to collect unemployment. So, I lived off savings alway until May of this year. I've been looking for employment with no avail. And living off public assistance of $318 per month. I enrolled back in school this year to get my degree. Because I vow that whenever I get out of this situation my son and I will never get back in it.

The apartment I'm currently about to be evicted from rent payments totaled $865 a month. I've been able to pay my rent up until this point by having a friend come stay with me, who didn't have anywhere to live. She was able to pay half the rent which was a great help to me. But, now her unemployment has been cut off and she can't afford to pay her half, because she now has no income. She doesn't have any children so public assistance is not an option and she hasn't been able to find employment either.

At this point rent could not be paid for October. Thus I'm only 1month behind in rent. But, honestly I've never been in this situation before, where I can't pay and don't know if I'll ever be able to pay. I know I can't afford to stay in my apartment being that I can't afford the rent any longer. I've contacted different Homeless prevention foundations who are suppose to help with housing but all of them want you to be working before they will assist you ~ which is crazy to me because if you're working why would you need so much help??? but anyway, I've tried finding homeless shelters in the area and even outside the area in Chicago that could possibly house my son and my self and I can't find any of those either. Every where I've called says I either need to be a domestic violence victim, on drugs, or mentally disabled which I am neither. I've even called a few places that state they will take me but not my son because he's 13yrs old. They say if he was a 13yr old girl it would be different but I don't understand that, he's my child. I can't leave him. It amazes me the lack of resources in such a big city. I've even gone to my DHS worker and she couldn't or pretended like she couldn't help, stating she didn't have any resources. So what am I suppose to do? The whole process has become quite stressful. It's starting to get cold here. I can't be out on the streets with a child.... If anyone out there knows of any resources in the Chicago or Southern Cook County region that can assist me and my son please help me.... Thank you
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 in response to NEED OF HELP...   Are you currently in a homeless shelter or are you looking for a place to go?
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i am 21 with 2 kids a 11month old and 3 year old and i am homeless i live in florida area i really need help how can i go by geting it HELP ME PLZ
hopefull mom
hi i am almost 23 i have a 2 year old little boy and i am about 4 months pregnant with my second child. I left my sons father about 8 months ago and have been trying to get child support but have failed so fare. My second baby's father rescently got hurt and both of his hands were smashed so he is un able to work. he is curtantly living with his parents and i am living with my parents and they want me out soon but i don't have a job or a car. i am willing to work anywhere doing anything and my boyfriend would watch my son while i work but we really need some help getting into a place to live and getting a car. i also do not have a phone right now and my son's father is threating to take my son from me because we live with my parents and my step dad is a resterged sex offender. i also had to get a restraining order aganst my sons father, he tried to hurt both of us. please please please help me i don't know what i am going to do it seems like my life is falling down around me and there's nothing i can do about it.
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I am currently 36 years old i live in NY and i am completely broke and going to be homeless in about 10 days.I have been labeled with Depression and i have Panic and Anxiety Disorder.I receive a VERY small amount of money a month from SS but surviving on my own i just don't think i can do it. I have been scouring the internet for homeless shelters to go to but i am just afraid of being there alone. I am a male just looking for help.....
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 in response to nena1709...   I have a house in SW wisconsin with room to help you out if you are interested. contact me at if you still need a place
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If you are in an abusive relationship, you may go to your county's Domestic Violence Unit (usually at the family court) and get a restraining order against the abuser.

There are government and public service agencies that help poor people, especially mothers with kids. First thing, find out where to go and what to say to get help. Dress as formally and decently as you can when dealing with these agencies, be respectful and do not reveal any bad sides of yours (drugs, criminal record, etc.) if you do not have to.

There is subsidized housing available, although in some big cities it might take years to get one. But once you get it, you can live in a nice apartment and pay a ridiculously low rent.

There are non-profit law firms that help with Social Security benefits and Food Stamps for FREE, if you are poor. You can also get free medical assistance for you and your children if you qualify. Look for your local Legal Community Service office.

If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help with your Resume so you can get a good job. You can also acquire skills for free by working and learning from your boss. Find a job that will enable you just that. For example, if you are a helper at a bakery, ask the baker to teach you how to bake so you can expand your skills. The government offers free classes in computers and some other things, help with your resume and you may even get a grant (free money) to go back to school. There are plenty of career school where you can get a certificate in a few weeks or months, and you can borrow money topay the tuition. The school willhelpyou with job placement at the end. 

You may be eligible to get school grants and go back to school for free.

If you have children, you can get child support.

With the right mindset, legal help, and patience, you can get on your own feet, be proud of yourself, and set a great example for your children.

Stay away from trouble: drugs, alcohol, and bad folks will ruin your life. They will ruin your children's lives and they will end up in orphanages or foster care. Be merciful to yourself and your children - take care yourself.

Do not succumb to depression. I know you have reasons to be depressed. Many people do. But, if you can actively fight against your negative thoughts, you can stay above the surface and not drown. Depression leads to addictions and lack of enthusiasm. You must try hard to stay joyful and work on your mental (and physical) health.

Finally, have FAITH. You have to believe that even when there is nothing left but faith, things may and will take care of themselves. But you must keep the faith and do all of the above.

Good luck and remember, the wheels of luck DO TURN!

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hi i am a 26 year old mother of three boys and need help i live in chicago illinois with a friend but space is very short if there is ANYONE WHO CAN HELP PLEASE DO
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 in response to g samaritan...   Interesting,

You do not want me to 'judge', yet you are the 'biggest judge' of them all.
You assume alot.
My post was in response to someone else's post. This person has since been removed from her so you didn't get to see her post. But, you have judged a matter of which you know not of.
I don't think I'm better. The thought never crossed my mind. There you have judged again.

If you are going to tell others not to judge, then be sure you are not judging. For it would make one seem like a hypocrite.
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g samaritan
 in response to Anonymous40784...   you are not god or even are not the alpha and omega you are not the judge! you dont know everything you dont know these girls situation and how they got there you dont know what they go thru day to day do you? you assume they are irrisposible sinning girls needing hand out..they need support!! clearly not from you! god will provide he will open doors for these woman you can attack them all you want but god said no weapon formed against me shall prosper!! that goes for all these woman and there situations! my situation isnt so good right now but i will still offer my help...wwjd??? he will get me out of this ditch and he will save all those who ask from there problems know you shouldnt be doing the devil a favor by bringing these ppl down but instead inspire them lift them up be the light,,p.s God also said besides the fatherless to help the poor,widows and the needy also known as handicap, mentally ill etc. He futher goes to say that if you have it in your power to give or help in any way and do not that it is a sin.
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g samaritan
 in response to tabbytabbz...   have u found help tabbytabbz???
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g samaritan
 in response to Anonymous40784...   wow u really went thru it..that doesnt mean u can asme things and judge others on tp of that criticism...come on now only god is our judge!! and ehy would u have to be racist? you just think your better because your with a white man. smh
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