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Single Mom and Pregnant need Housing ASAP

lilsbgirl started this conversation

I'm 28, and a single mom with a wonderful 3 yr old. I just found out I'm now pregnant, and to top it off was laid off in 2007, and have been working here and there. I'm desperately trying to get my son and I in our own place, as I currently live with his father. His father is an alcoholic, has drug problems and is just an overall verbally abusive and horrible guy.

I've gone to all the resources and just patiently waiting for a call back on some housing, but I'm really starting to get nervous. I will basically be homeless by the end of the month, and I literally have a buck to my name. I signed up to go back to school to better my situation for my kids, (get a degree so I can make better money), but its tough. I just don't know what to do. Basically all I need right now is a place to live, as I cannot afford much. I also live in the worst town as its terribly expensive but there is no way i can move. The little support that my family gives me (they are in town too) is better than the zero I would have if I lived somewhere cheaper.


Basically if anyone knows where I can find a place to live, cheap or where I could get assistance in paying rent would appreciate it!  


Thanks to all who have offered support.. I finally found myself a place to stay, its not a permnant situation, but at least my children will have a safe place to stay, and I can focus on the future, and not be so stressed out. I am still trying to figure out the whole plan, working, school and how I am going to raise my children without shoving them into daycare all day long.

If anyone is a single mom of 2 kids and has any advise on how to raise your kids (and not dump them off at a daycare all the time) and still be able to support them let me know!! I really believe the best care is that of mom, but I have to be realistic that I have to support myself and be able to care for my kids financially too. 


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woman in a shoe   in reply to jenn D
Doing OK go a cold. Went to the orthopedic Tue he send me to a hand Dr next week. He said if my wrist wasn't better by June I will be having surgery to remove one of the bones in my wrist.U take care and keep me up date on u
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jenn D   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi woman in the shoe goodmorning! This is the update the housing came through and i thank god for it and also the baby coming along good. goodve healthy how is everything going with you fine i hope?? you know we all have to pray in the morning evening and at night like a fulltime job and trust me god answer prayers i don't pray for myself i pray for whoever needs prayer .. so take care and godbless you and stay strong because god is there remember this pray that'ts all you need to do!!!!
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I'm single mom that is homeless in greenville south carolina with no income due to and injury at my last job . I don't know what to do
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jenn D
I for got pray for me I got to go to and orthopedic next week
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jenn D
Hi Jenn d so what time do u go today about your housing and how the baby coming along
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jenn D
I am gland that u got the help u need I put in a lot hour s on here trying to help people like u. Keep me update end how u are doing u take care
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jenn D   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi woman in a shoe this the update !!! First off this jennD just want to let you know i got approved for snap benefits and my housing interview is today i am number 0 on the waiting list i am so excited can't believe this is happening just want to let everyone know this not the endthe road we got to have faith and let God handle the situation.. Trust me ladies it will work out for us trust me it will always remember good things happens for those who wait!!!! may God bless you all I would give you the update ..... oh and also woman in a shoe you are a good person to talk to god bless you thank you again!!!!
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evets1981   in reply to woman in a shoe
Well if she ever comes back there is alot of help and cheap safe housing in central NY just have to deal with some cold weather , we have winter and August.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to evets1981
The person u just posted to has not been on here sent feb
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evets1981   in reply to shawnalaya
Would you be willing to relocate?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jenn D
It can take years for public housing and the other one u post in MI it is a 10 year wait. And some of the others I have seen 7 to 8 year wait. Do u get welfare? If u don't go sign up they get pay first mo rent and dep for u. Also call 221 tell them what u need he'll with but tell them your city state
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hi I'm in the same situation I'm 32 years old mom with 5 children looking for a job I am a certified nurses assistants but still can't find a job living in this lady house and its temporarily so I need to find a place to stay I am Number 10 on the public housing waiting list do anyone knows how long is the wait I'm on the augusta Georgia public housing waiting list?
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mellymel1981   in reply to aggie1983
Hi aggie1983 im not jj mom but im in the same situation except im already homeless
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to mand33z
if you are in an abusive relationship you need to contact 211 and tell them you are a mother of 3 and pregnant and in an abusive relationship and you need help. They will refer you to a woman's shelter. They will take you and your kids in and help you . It's not good for you or your kids to be in an abusive home. To help you and your kids you need to get out of the cycle of abuse.
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mand33z   in reply to mand33z
Well I'm new this but yes i get good stamps and wic and 211 have me the numbers that i came only to find out that they can't help me because I'm pregnant or to old, and the others are first come first serve so not a constant home for my babies,i did get to a dr today finally found a neighbor to give me a ride. Anyways Texas is a ways away considering no transportation. I don't know what im going to do but i do know i need someone to talk to, emotionally this is killing me. The Man i love had kicked Me to the streets, he has been buying prostitutes instead of diapers. My brother committed suicide in December my sister has cpa watching her and they were living with me and she called the cops saying i was trying to hurt her n kids which was not true but she wanted cops to take ME so she could leave kids n go out. But cops seen i wasn't the crazy one. My momand other brother have mental problems and are homeless (going from one place to another) so i mean any help add to where else i could look for shelter close here or people i could talk with just to vent would be nice
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woman in a shoe   in reply to beenthere69
She a long ways from Texas. But when she came on Mon there was 3 of us trying to help her but I don't think she look at any of them. All we can do is try to tell them where to get help
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beenthere69   in reply to mand33z
1. reasons to relocate one most of all housing help 2.put some miles from husband that you having trouble . orange Texas has a safe friendly family shelter ran by church . if you not sure where or how to drive to orange get on I10 headed west as soon as you hit Texas state line you are like 15 miles from orange.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mand33z
One go sign up for welfare u will get cash food stamp insurance all sign up for wic they will help u with some food for the kids when the baby gets here u will get baby Walmart forget about Walmart any how the baby milk and other things for the baby for free. Now call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u s list of places to call. But sorry no cash on this site. If u need baby stuff look on criglist under free stuff. Are post on there what u need and if anyone going to give it away they will call u good luck
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Hi I'm 29 i have 3 kids and I'm pregnant. The father to my oldest two was deported and abusive. The father to the youngest is abusive as well and saySaaS there is a restraining order between us i have never been told about.but he has been paying for my bills until now. He says he will no longer help and doesn't want the other baby I have less than a week to find somewhere to go. The wellspring here is full with a long waiting list. And there is no other constant shelter they have shelter for just night or just day and its first come first serve. Anyways I'm in west Monroe Louisiana. I'm jobless. Carless pretty much because i owe 200 on my car and would have to pay ttnl as well as insurance which i cannot pay. I haven't been to a regular dr for the entire 5 months of pregnancy i did go to emergency room once i have a subchorionic hemorrage. Anyways i need help bad i hate feeling like i can't anything to help my kids so you have any idea let me know please.
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aggie1983   in reply to Liz:)
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