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Single Mom and Pregnant need Housing ASAP

lilsbgirl started this conversation

I'm 28, and a single mom with a wonderful 3 yr old. I just found out I'm now pregnant, and to top it off was laid off in 2007, and have been working here and there. I'm desperately trying to get my son and I in our own place, as I currently live with his father. His father is an alcoholic, has drug problems and is just an overall verbally abusive and horrible guy.

I've gone to all the resources and just patiently waiting for a call back on some housing, but I'm really starting to get nervous. I will basically be homeless by the end of the month, and I literally have a buck to my name. I signed up to go back to school to better my situation for my kids, (get a degree so I can make better money), but its tough. I just don't know what to do. Basically all I need right now is a place to live, as I cannot afford much. I also live in the worst town as its terribly expensive but there is no way i can move. The little support that my family gives me (they are in town too) is better than the zero I would have if I lived somewhere cheaper.


Basically if anyone knows where I can find a place to live, cheap or where I could get assistance in paying rent would appreciate it!  


Thanks to all who have offered support.. I finally found myself a place to stay, its not a permnant situation, but at least my children will have a safe place to stay, and I can focus on the future, and not be so stressed out. I am still trying to figure out the whole plan, working, school and how I am going to raise my children without shoving them into daycare all day long.

If anyone is a single mom of 2 kids and has any advise on how to raise your kids (and not dump them off at a daycare all the time) and still be able to support them let me know!! I really believe the best care is that of mom, but I have to be realistic that I have to support myself and be able to care for my kids financially too. 


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anglefrmheaven   in reply to singleguy128
im homeless and pregnant can u help me?
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Hi if you still need a place to stay please let me know.
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singleguy128   in reply to brebre12332
Hi if you really need a place to stay you can stay with me your more than welcome to stay with me in a true gentleman in a very nice guy .
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singleguy128   in reply to mommof2
Hi if you need a place to stay please let me know. U can stay with me ok.
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singleguy128   in reply to PAFATHERNANNY
Hi if you need a place to stay let me know.
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singleguy128   in reply to Clara 92
Hi if you need a place to stay you can stay with me.
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singleguy128   in reply to Nina ragston
Hi how are you.? If you need a place to stay you are more than welcome to stay with me at my place. Please let me know just let me know.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to fruddilicious
Hi sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county. There is places that will pay first mo rent and deposits for u if they got the funds put the first of the mo most the time they got the funds. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of information there for help
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fruddilicious   in reply to spudsy
Thanks and God bless you
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spudsy   in reply to fruddilicious
iwished you where in fla i could help but your to far away
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spudsy   in reply to fruddilicious
i wish you where in fl i could help you then
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fruddilicious   in reply to spudsy
Jonesboro Arkansas 41 yr ol mother. 14 girl. 13 boy. 9 girl
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spudsy   in reply to fruddilicious
are you still homeless what state do you live in details of youall
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littlelacie   in reply to fruddilicious
on internet, type in need help paying bills,city,county,state. you will see a list of places that might be able to help.
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Please help me and my children. We are homeless. We've stayed with e other families it it has not worked out for us.
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Please help. My daughter and her 3yr old son is also looking for a place to stay on the West Rand, Roodepoort. I am nearly 63yrs and also living in a flat with my son. Now my daughter and her son is also here and we battle to keep everything going. I have to work because I don`t have a pension and my son is helping me. I really can`t go on like this. She can`t afford to pay more than R1 800.00.
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littlelacie   in reply to Nina ragston
Nina, please realize your parents are helping you.You and your child are not homeless in the streets- you have a place to stay and do not have to worry about paying utilities or food. You have more than a lot of young moms do. But,what is it you need help with? The resources we know usually help one time a year, and only help with electric, water,rent and gas bill, and it sounds like you would not need that. Just think about it please. They are helping you out so you could decide whether to try and work or go on to school. Then when he gets out you will be better equipped to have a household with him.
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Nina ragston
I'm 22 years old with a one year old baby girl and now 7 1/2 months with my second child a baby boy my boyfriend is on his way to do some time and I an so scared because I know I DEFINATELY won't get any help nomore I stay with my parents who never helps me with anything and are very domestic I'm just looking for. Place I can call home and get on my feet and take care of my kids that's all if anybody can help please I'm begging from the bottom of my heart
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littlelacie   in reply to Clara 92
apply for section 8 and TANF and foodstamps, WIC since your children are both under age 4. usually a waiting list for section 8 but since you are homeless with 2 very small children they might move you up on the list. You might get housing a little quicker unless there are lots of other mothers ahead of you that also have small children. But check it out. I am so sorry you are having hard times.
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TierraJ   in reply to Clara 92
Where are you living have you tried applying for section 8 or housing benefits?
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